the room

the room is quietcurtains softly swaying              hinting at an outside world(i'm no longer letting in)creeping in on myself,                            into myselfhesitating on the doorstepof that body quietly                                           beingi place my hand on the wall                            trembling texturesfingers gliding over              the quietness gaining soliditythe room surrounding mea hug that can be                            compressingi cupped it… Continue reading the room


A dinosaur, the dinosaur You can hear him roar, Majestic he towers above That beast we love. A dino, the dino, I know, I know They don't exist anymore. A great beast of the past, Great things never last But still, you can hear him roar. Inside our heart and head, The dino hasn't gone… Continue reading Dinosaur

The Man Who Ate His Soul

Even if you’re racked by troubles, and sick and poor and ugly,you’ve got your soul to carry through life like a treasure on a platter – Alice Munro, The Progress of Love The sounds his neatly polished shoes made on the shining black tiles of his great hallway were hollow. On the walls were tiny crystal… Continue reading The Man Who Ate His Soul

The Law of the Jungle

- the Changeable Law in Disney’s New Jungle Book This essay contains spoilers.And another note: I draw from memory for this essay, please forgive me any mistakes. The Law of the Jungle. This saying normally denotes a lawless place, a place (the jungle) where the strongest is the mightiest. The phrase is also used in… Continue reading The Law of the Jungle